The founder of Group 41, Paul Klaasen, started the company after spending 13 years as an Intelligence Officer in the South African National Defence Force, specialising and managing of intelligence collection operations with several years focussing on criminal tendencies. He has been involved in security risk consultation for the past 14 years and has conducted numerous investigations and various security related projects in South Africa and that includes specific countries in Africa.

A proven track record in security management solutions and risk analysis, conceptual risk assessments, threat planning, security and crisis management, forensic and due diligence investigations and intelligence investigations. Possesses strong communication skills and the ability to deliver informative and persuasive presentations to a variety of audiences.

Skilled in researching, interpreting and analysing complex information, including project planning and implementation and able to manage successful teams and work autonomously. A sound working knowledge of crime prevention methods, assessments, equipment, trends and security related issues as well as a demonstrable experience in high level operations planning and successful execution of projects and or operations.


Group 41 fees are charged in terms of structured costing with specific fees for specific requirements, whilst otherwise charged at a structured hourly rate, depending on the level of expertise and skills. Our fees are also requirement oriented and before we embark on any security project, we will firstly submit a cost proposal to the client and then await a requirement authorization, appropriately signed by the client. Regular reports and interim bills of account are submitted to enable clients to monitor progress and costs at all times and also to interact with the investigation for optimum results.
Usually a report is prepared which may include sections relating to the nature of the task, scope of the investigation, approach utilized, limitations of scope and findings and/or opinions. Schedules and graphics necessary to support and explain the report will be included.